Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What the Cell?

I spent the day without my cell phone. I drove, worked, exercised, showered, ate, read the newspaper, had conversations with people within earshot, and lived to type about it.  November 23, 2010: the day I braved this cruel world while my Blackberry lay idle atop the couch in my empty living room.

It was like a day straight out of 1997. I listened to the car radio and spent my down time resting my texting thumbs, contemplating a diplomatic way to ease the growing violence between the Koreas. My anxiety waned as my disconnected day wore on. I realized how attached I have become to that PDA in my pocket. It was freeing to spend a day in the dark. It made me nostalgic for days where plans had to be made in advance and words had to be looked up in a dictionary. But today is over, my phone is charging, and it will not leave my sight tomorrow.

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