Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Have Your Dictionary and Planner Ready…

Planning a wedding takes patience, hard work, and the ability to learn a new, very technical, vocabulary. For example, “tool” is not only something that I have trouble using during failed home improvements, nor is it merely a title given to a middle-aged divorcee who wears a tank top on the dance floor at Taylor’s Night Club. It is also a decorative cloth used to soften the light of a wedding reception. Dupioni is a popular type of silk used for bridesmaid’s dresses, not just the last name of your father’s buddy who is always giving you merchandise that he didn’t pay for. You know what I’m talking about.

Along with the new jargon, nuptial preparations require a man to write things down! Grab the back of a receipt, snag a Holiday Inn pen from the junk drawer, and list everything you need to accomplish along with deadlines for completion. Take the lead on the tasks that most likely fit your skill set:  the food, the booze, and the band.  The days of playing dumb are over. Take initiative, lest you want to be stuck putting together floral arrangements.


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