Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day on the Blog

Hey Blogosphere, it's The ManShee Chronicles. We're improvisers from Rochester, New York. We're also engaged to be married.  It's a good thing we have senses of humor. You'll see me refer to M & B. I'm B and I make up the She in ManShee. M is the Man. (He'll love that.)

We started this blog to share laughs, stories and random nuggets of ManShee wisdom. 

Here's today's tip for you: When planning a wedding, don't forget to COMPROMISE. Seriously, people. Be ready to give in a bit (not give up!) because if you don't, it will be a long, hard and not-so-fun trip to the altar. Understand that you and your betrothed may not share the same ideas about what makes a dream wedding, so be prepared to meet in the middle. For example, M wanted 350 people at our wedding and I wanted 80. We agreed on 200. TWO HUNDRED FREAKING PEOPLE. Sorry, still working out the kinks in that particular compromise. The point is, we found a number that we both could manage and no one got hurt.  Before you turn into a wedding planning monster, remember the reason why you are marrying your honey, take a deep breath, and stop sweating the small stuff. Chances are, the thing you'll remember most is the part where you said "I do."

That's all for today. My shower is calling me. We've been staining Adirondack chairs all afternoon and I look like I have a strange, patchy, chestnut brown tan. I hope this stuff washes off....

Talk to you soon,